Uber Driver Requirements

Driver Age Requirements for Uber

  • 21 Years of age is the legal provision
  • 3 Years of driving experience needed. Driving history verification may be a must if you have moved from another state. I tell all applicants to keep their out-of-state drivers license. Uber headquarters may ask for it.

More Important Uber Driver Requirements

  • Car insurance for your state must be current and in your name
  • Have an in-state registered car for driving. The vehicle doesn’t have to be in your name.
  • Your driver’s license must be in-state.
  • Background checks are mandatory, so you must have a Social Security Number.

Background Check Information

  • Have a clean driving record for greatest results.
  • You will need to pass the background check.

Background checks are done by a reputable 3rd party company. It be days or weeks depending on state volume.

Passing the background check: A look into your past 7 years, and what you cannot have on record.

  • Zero accidents with a fatality
  • Zero reckless driving
  • Zero criminal history reports
  • Zero DUI or drug related offenses
  • Zero no insurance charges
  • Zero driving with suspended license charges

Your Car

Your hours

Your piece of mind